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Pulseless Metering Pumps PKP-Series

Pulseless Metering Pumps PKP - Series

Having reinforced its position as a professional metering pump maker for last 20 years, Cheonsei Ind. Co.,Ltd has successfully developed a high precision, pulseless metering pump.

This pump can be used for high precision injections with pulse rates of ±1%. The pump technology research center attached to cheonsei Ind. Co.,Ltd spent one year in developing this pump, and is the first company to develop this kind of pump in Korea.

By introducing innovative principles, rather than using the existing air chamber type of pulse reduction pump, we specially designed and manufactured the structure of the cam so as to make the discharge of fluid have no pulse.
This product has a basic 2 head structure and inverter control, and adjusts the discharge capacity precisely to remove any pulse even at high pressure.


[ Have you ever seen a pulseless metering pump? ]

You've never actually seen a pulseless metering pump, even though you may have seen similar pumps. You might have seen a pulse reduction pump, which reduces the pulse with pump piping or a built-in air chamber. However, Cheonsei Industries has successfully developed actual pulse-less pump technology. In the belief that we coexist with our customers, we will show you true essence of Puseless Pump.

Pulseless Metering Pumps, PKP-Series

In general, a pulse is generated in metering pumps if they use an eccentric cam to convert the power of the motor to alternating motion. Since this eccentric cam is circular and has eccentric volume of e, the reciprocation speed of the flanger is a sinusoidal wave, which is the cause of the pulse in the discharge capacity.

Pulseless Metering Pumps, PKP-Series

Cheonsei paid attention to this sinusoidal wave. We thought "Can't we make the flow speed fixed?" In the end, we made an ellipsoid eccentric cam and came up with a pulseless pump.

Pulseless Metering Pumps, PKP-Series

Now, solve your problems with the Cheonsei Pulseless Pump.


  • Application include continuity precise injection at process line of petrochemistry and
    food sanitation precise spray coating, precise analysis at laboratory



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